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Inox roof sandwich panels with mineral wool core - EURO-therm SP-NR-D-Wm
no imageEURO-therm SP-NR-D-Wm special roof sandwich panels with mineral wool core in stainless (inox) steel cladding have a good corrosion, and temperature resistance. They are beeing used in aggressive enviroments and in hard conditions. The shape of the lock and core placememnt makes the installation easy, and with appropriate adjustment of the junction is not necessary to use additional seals. Hard mineral wool enclosed in covers of inox steel provides good thermal and acoustic insulation and is well protected. EURO-therm SP-NR-D-Wm special panels can be customized, and therefore used for many different applications.
marking EURO-therm SP-NR-D-Wm
effective width 1000 mm
length up to 14 m (other lengths possible)
inox claddings (covers) 1.4301 (304) / 1.4401 (316)
non inox cladding galvanised and prepainted steel sheet
core, insulation hard mineral wool (WM)
thickness (mm) 60 80 100 120 150 200 250
U [W/m2K] * 0,64 0,48 0,39 0,33 0,26 0,20 0,16
weight (kg/m2) * 16,30 18,70 21,10 23,50 27,10 33,10 39,10
* Estimated or calculative data.
** Fire resistance classifications depend on the spans spacing od the construction and its resistance to fire.

Detailed informations

Standard dimensions of roof sandwich panels
effective width
(covering width)
1000 mm
modular width
(with overlapping trapeze and lock)
1100 mm
standard minimum length 2,7 m
possible minimum length od 0,5 m
recommended maximum length
in bright colors
up to 12 m
recommended maximum length
in dark colors
up to 10 m
possible maximum length
(on special order)
up to 16 m (restrictions because of thickness, color, guarantee limitation)
standard thickness (mm) 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250
possible thickness (mm) 40 - 300
Production of panels with different thickness and lengths on special orders is possible.
Panel length and temperature expansion

We do not recommend the use of very long sandwich panels mainly on the walls, but in some cases also roofs due to sunlight (temperature expansion of metal), as well as the difficulties associated with the unloading and assembling long panels. Wall panels should be installed single-spanned. Using too long elements may result in deterioration of aesthetic or damage panels. We are not responsible for damages resulting from the use of too long sandwich panel pieces or incorrect assembly. We do not provide guarantee for panels ordered against our recommendations concerning colors and lengths.
Top cladding profilation of roof panels

trapeze corrugation T35
(standard profilation)

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Bottom cladding profilation of roof panels

lined profile
(standard profilation)

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(no profilation)

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Standard profilation of roof panels is T35/L, on special order other profilations of bottom side are possible. For more informations please contact us.
Connection scheme of roof sandwich panels with mineral wool core
section drawing of roof panel connection (schemat) connection of roof sandwich panels
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It is possible to connect EPS panels and mineral wool panels of the same type.
Recommended roof pitch on EURO-therm D panels

We recommend a roof pitch of 7%.

Minimum roof pitch of small roofs is 5%.

On roofs with panel connections on the length the roof pitch should be at least 7%.
Characteristics of the mineral wool core
insulation, core mineral wool
density 118 kg/m3(+/- 15%)
fire resistance - reaction to fire A1
Production of panels with different mineral wool type is possible.
Panel amount in packs
Sandwich panels are stacked in packs wrapped with stretch foil. Roof panels are placed alternately (trapezes facing eachother).
Final amount of sandwich panels in each pack can differ slightly from the amounts indicated in the table.
thickness (core, insulation thickness) Amount of panels per pack
wall panels
EURO-therm S
roof panels
EURO-therm D
50 24 18
55 22 16
60 20 16
80 15 12
100 10 - 12 10 - 11
120 10 8 - 9
150 7 - 8 (usually 7 + 8) 7 - 8 (usually 7 + 7)
200 5 - 6 4 - 6 (usually 4 + 6)
250 4 - 5 4
height of packs: approximately 1200mm; width of packs: approximately 1200mm (packs lie on EPS supports - approx. 100mm)
Amount of panels in packs depends on the total panel amount per order. Packs with different amount of panels are possible. For more informations, to specify details of packing please contact us.
Loading and Transport

Standard loading and unloading is done with a forklift (fitted to the dimensions and weight of the wares)
Loading space dimensions must consider the height of the packs with EPS supports, and space for the belts and a securing bar.
Required standard width of the vehicle loading space: 2,4m
The vehicle should provide free acess from both sides of the loading space on its full length, alowing loading and unloading of the wares.
More information about the transport can be found in the Informations section -> download.

Loading times in our Factory are from monday to friday 7:00 - 15:00.
Please contact us before pickup to set up the date and details of loading.
We kindly ask you for an earlier arrival of the truck, so the loading can be finished before 15:00.

For additional informations please contact our office.

Inox cladding on EURO-therm SP-NR-D-Wm panels

Przykładowe okładziny płyt warstwowych inox
stainless steel, inox steel sheet

standard types:
1.4301 (304)
1.4401 (316)
galvanised pre-painted steel sheets (for one-sided inox clad panels)
Production of panels with different claddings and cladding compositions is possible.

Prepainted steel sheet cladding

Standard galvanised and galvanised steel sheets - parameters
type of material galvanised, poliester painted steel sheets
steel sheet thickness 0,5 mm
galvanic layer thickness 225 g/m² - 275 g/m²
poliester coating layer 25 μm
decorative varhinsh 2V078
bottom varnish 1G410 - 7 μm
Possible steel thickness 0,45mm - 0,6mm
Protective film

Sandwich panel claddings (prepainted steel sheet covers and flashings) are covered with a layer of protective film. The protective film must be removed from the panels before 1 month after recieving the plates. For longer storage panels should be protected from sun exposure, extremal temperatures and other atmospheric conditions. A good practice is to place panel packs with a small decrease, causing rainwater run off.
Cutting of sandwich panels and flashings.

You should use proper tools for cutting sandwich panels, that do not overheat the steel surface. Excessive heat during metal cutting (eg. An angle grinder with discs) damages the galvanic coating of steel sheets and can be a cause of corrosion. Great heat can also excessively damage the core, insulation. To cut sandwich panels use circular saws for metal cutting, special sandwich panel - saws or other proper equipment. When cutting panels remove excess metal filings that can cause corrosion, and prevent sparks and filings from falling onto other panels.
Standard ABO colors

RAL 9010

RAL 9002

RAL 9006

RAL 3011

RAL 8017

RAL 7024

The colors depicted on the website are for guidance only and can be different from real color coatings on panels.
Availability, production possibilities and pricing of certain colors are determined individually.
Other color examples

RAL 1002

RAL 1015

RAL 1021

RAL 5010

RAL 6029

RAL 7035

RAL 9007

The colors depicted on the website are for guidance only and can be different from real color coatings on panels.
Availability, production possibilities and pricing of certain colors are determined individually.
Dark colors, panel lengths - warning

We do not recommend the use of dark colors (for example, according to RAL palette: 3011, 3005, 8017, 7024, 6005) due to sunlight absorption and overheating of steel sheets on panels. Temperature expansion of metal and possible damages caused by overheating and temperature changes may result in deterioration of aesthetic or damage of panels. We do not take responsibility for damages resulting from the use of very dark panels or too long elements. We do not provide guarantee for panels ordered against our recommendations concerning colors and lengths.
Color Repeatability

We do not guarantee exactly the same color tone of the painted surfaces for orders placed in different terms. This concerns especially metallic colors (for example RAL 9006 or RAL 9007).

Allowed load tables

Table of allowed snow loads for EURO-therm D-St roof sandwich panels with EPS core
on single and multispan roofs daN/m2
core, insulation thickness (mm) Maximum panel span (m), depending on the load
70/100* daN/m2 90/130* daN/m2 110/155* daN/m2
70 3,3 3,0 2,7
125 3,6 3,3 3,0
150 3,9 3,6 3,3
170 4,2 3,9 3,6
190 4,5 4,2 3,9
Force per one screw (with metal washer/underlay) should not exceed 150daN.
* characteristic load / calculative load
Special panels with "SP" marking - important information

Special, non-standard EURO-therm SP sandwich panels, including one-sided panels, perforated - acoustic panels, panels with PVC, fiberglass laminate cladding, panels with stainless steel covers, and other productis referred to as non-standard or special, produced according to special orders specified by the customer have different parameters and characteristics depending on each order and project. These panels are not standard line products, and because of that, they do not have any certificates or declarations and there are limitations of guarantee for such panels. In order to obtain informations on the type of plates, please contact us.
The informations and materials given above

(on this website)

are for informational purposes only. Informations contained therein are not legally binding and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 § 1 of the polish civil code do not constitute assurance, in particular within the meaning of art. 556 of the polish civil code. Description and confirmation of availability of goods takes place only during sale according to specifications provided by the Sandwich Panel Factory ABO (Fabryka Płyt Warstwowych ABO Boguslaw Bugała) in the form of a contract, purchase order or order confirmation.
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